Christophe Roberts


This page contains press on Christophe Roberts art career.

Sneakersheads are well known for hording kicks, but artist CHRISTOPHE ROBERTS flips that hipster trend on its head by recycling the boxes they come in to create stunningly exquisite sculptures of beasts.
— Respect Magazine Sept. 2013


Roberts sculpts massive and ferocious beasts: giant gorillas and life-size lions howl and growl, their ferocious fangs and mangy matted coats a distinct brown and orange.
— Ken Harman, Hi-Fructose Magazine

Chicago Journal News Paper 2010

Intricate cardboard mock-ups of a lion’s head, a hovering hawk with pricely brown and orange feathers and a sitting room with a fireplace, each made mostly from old Nike shoe boxes have, for the time being, replaced the merchandise, customers and employees hoped for in the loop storefront.
— Bethany Reinhart, Contributign Reporter

Time Out Chicago 2010